Welcome to Amsterdam Art 21 Welcome to Amsterdam Art 21 Welcome to Amsterdam Art 21

On Friday 3 September we festively open the gallery season with a new exhibition:

AMSTEL / BRIDGE / DELIRIUM, In Dialogue with Photography and Capital C.

by Sylvie Bonnot and Zhu Hong

French artists Sylvie Bonnot and Zhu Hong (Chinese-born) bring 15 years of artistic experimentation with spaces to their second joint project in Amsterdam. The artists became friends while working in the city for their 2017 show at TMH. At Capital C they start with the building’s architecture and history in relation to the Amstel river. Envisioned at times effusively, at times darkly, the theme of water—significant to both—becomes an imaginative bridge for interrogating the many bridges we construct, over rivers, between people, or in our dreams. 

Both artists start with photography. But, in the end, photography is brought to a thought-provoking dialogue with itself and spills into other mediums, away from a single art form. The kaleidoscopic exchange of bold, multidimensional artworks invites intimate encounters with each piece. Known for the depths of their oeuvres, both artists are enjoying institutional recognition: Zhu Hong with her 2021-22 solo at the Arts Museum of Nantes; and Sylvie Bonnot with her 2021-22 residency award from L’Observatoire de l’Espace du CNES as well as a rare award, Mention Spéciale du Prix Internationale de l’Art dans l’Espace 2020, from L’Académie des Beaux-Arts, Paris, and her 2019 participation in Mobile/Immobile at the Musée des Archives Nationales, Paris.

Curated by Marsha Plotnitsky

With texts by Marsha Plotnitsky and Hubert Besacier