Welcome to Amsterdam Art 21 Welcome to Amsterdam Art 21 Welcome to Amsterdam Art 21

What I’m looking forward to most with this upcoming Amsterdam Art week is to see artworks that you can immerse yourself in – installations and solo shows where one artist’s vision can be felt in the space. So definitely the Rijksakademie Open Studios presentations.

I really appreciate P/////AKT for showing emerging talent and I’m looking forward to Nicola Arthen’s presentation there. I’m a member of Kunstverein, so I’d go and see their Salon Hang located in the former bridge house next to the botanical garden. They usually have good cocktails too, but maybe only under the shelf?

I’d love to see Claudia Martinez Garay’s work at project space On the Inside. I usually go to Galerie Fons Welters, to support the other artists they represent. I recently discovered Stevenson, a South African gallery, tucked away with a beautiful space. Public art, maybe not on the list, but one real go-see is the sculpture Nicole Eisenman’s sculpture Love or Generosity in front of the courthouse at Parnassusweg 280.

Jennifer Tee is a multidisciplinary artist and recipient of the Amsterdam Prize for the Arts 2020

  • 35 Rijksakademie

  • Sarphatistraat 470
  • 53 P/////AKT

  • Zeeburgerpad 53
  • 52 On the Inside

  • Tt. Melaniaweg 1
  • 12 Galerie Fons Welters

  • Bloemstraat 140
  • 24 Stevenson

  • Prinsengracht 371 B