Welcome to Amsterdam Art 21 Welcome to Amsterdam Art 21 Welcome to Amsterdam Art 21

I believe in traveling from the outside inwards: not just as a way of self examination, but also as a way to navigate your body around this Amsterdam Art Week. Let’s start on the outside, in Zaandam! Welcome to the huge, dazzling industrial space of Het HEM: a little ferry takes you there and back. In Amsterdam check out the Thami Mnyele Foundation, a residency for artists from the African continent and its diaspora. Take part in discussions and expand your vision by immersing yourself in their research. Go to Galerie Fleur & Wouter for some fresh Amsterdam art and artists buzzing around like happy bees, with colourful installations, paintings and other pieces to lift your spirit. Framer Framed is a place I love to hang out: movies, readings, artist talks, it’s all there! Finally, get ‘red lighted’ whilst walking to Gallery Vriend van Bavink. It’s run by two cheeky guys, who will probably serve you a drink after a mind-and-body blowing art overdose.

Eva Bartels is an Amsterdam-based interdisciplinary artist.

  • 47 Het HEM

  • Warmperserij 1
  • 36 Thami Mnyele Foundation Residency Award

  • Bellamystraat 21D
  • 11 Galerie Fleur & Wouter

  • Van Ostadestraat 43A
  • 46 Framer Framed

  • Oranje-Vrijstaatkade 71
  • 15 Gallery Vriend van Bavink

  • Geldersekade 34