Welcome to Amsterdam Art 21 Welcome to Amsterdam Art 21 Welcome to Amsterdam Art 21

Refresh at the Amsterdam Museum is finally opening to the public! This is truly a must-see exhibition that redefines the boundaries of the city’s culture. You can read an essay of mine about it on the Refresh Amsterdam website. I’m very interested in Adrian Piper at If I Can’t Dance. She is an artist who rejected any form of identity thinking and pigeonholing long before it was commonplace. She is also one of those artists you want to talk about with others to see what they think of her texts and installations. I visited Gaza twice to write a news article and traveled with the photographer Kadir van Lohuizen, who is showing his work at Gallery Vriend van Bavink. I was very impressed by his work ethic. He does a lot of research in advance and puts a lot of time into the people he wants to photograph. The camera is his research tool. And then I will pop by Slewe to have a look at Karel Appel’s drawings. Next year I am curating a large exhibition of modern Moroccan artists at the Cobra Museum of Modern Art in Amstelveen. One of the pioneers of that movement is Jilali Gharbaoui, who visited Amsterdam in the 1960s. He also met Karel Appel and was influenced by his work.

Abdelkader Benali is a writer and television presenter.

  • 38 Amsterdam Museum

  • Kalverstraat 92
  • 48 If I Can’t Dance, I Don’t Want To Be Part Of Your Revolution

  • Westerdok 606–608
  • 15 Gallery Vriend van Bavink

  • Geldersekade 34
  • 23 Slewe

  • Kerkstraat 105-A