Welcome to Amsterdam Art 21 Welcome to Amsterdam Art 21 Welcome to Amsterdam Art 21

Invited by Welcome Stranger, four Amsterdam-based artists create new artworks specifically for the facades of their own homes. Thereby all contributing artists reveal something personal in the middle of their own neighbourhood, on the border between the private space and the public domain. Four divers artist observations come up, on different places in the city. The façades form a new environment for an experimental exhibition, where every passer-by is welcome to become acquainted with the works of art and the thoughts they evoke. 

For Welcome Stranger traditionally always the location, a house in the city, and with it the interaction between the private and the public space, publicness and privacy are the starting points. Since the ongoing pandemic, the focus has temporarily shifted to the outside: the façade of artists own homes.

Read more about the works of art here:
Esther Tielemans, Maarten Harpertszoon Trompstraat | 17.06.21 – 17.10.21 
Radna Rumping, Hoofdweg | 15.07.21 – 15.10.21 
Kévin Bray, Woutertje Pietersestraat | 12.08.21 – 15.11.21 
Lily van der Stokker, Valeriusstraat | 27.08.21 – 15.12.21 

Kévin Bray (1989, FR), Lily van der Stokker (1954, NL), Esther Tielemans (1976, NL), Radna Rumping (1983, NL)