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About Vlaams Cultuurhuis de Brakke Grond

The Brakke Grond is there for Flemish artists and Dutch art lovers who want to push their boundaries. We initiate and realise programmes and collaborations in our house in Amsterdam.

Exhibition ‘Famyly’, 3 Sep-10 Oct

In her work, artist Chloƫ Delanghe embraces the strangeness of the everyday that photography can reveal. With both bravery and reserve, Delanghe addresses her personal life, understood as the ties and connections we are born into, or as the relations we spend all of our life re-shaping, and being shaped by. In the artistic universe of Delanghe, memories, much like artworks, are fickle, hard to grasp in any permanent sense. Images, much like our memories, are defective, suggestions of something else. Are we seeing real family stories or photographic fabrications? The artist does not divulge where the border between the real and the fictitious lies. An intimacy however prevails, as does a darkness.

Famyly takes its title from a photograph made by the artist, in which she captures this word written in spray paint on a brick wall. The typo can make us laugh, but it also highlights a sense of instability. The flawed spelling throws off our reading and understanding of a familiar word, turning it into a strange and possibly ominous sign. 


Chloƫ Delanghe