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About Torch

In 1984, TORCH Gallery was established by Adriaan van der Have as a stage for Dutch and international contemporary art. Adriaan was among the first to see the potential of photography as an art form. He continued to take risks in new ways of expression, making him a pioneer promoter of photography, veejay art and digital imaging.

Since 2009, his son Mo has continued his legacy. Looking beyond restrictions and expectations, he represents and presents veteran artists who are leading in several disciplines as well as younger artists who keep pushing the limits of their respective mediums. Each year, TORCH organises several solo and group exhibitions in the Amsterdam gallery space and is present at renowned art fairs the world over.

Exhibition ‘Van een gek, voor een gek’, 4 Sept-16 Oct

The self-portrait takes up an extraordinary position in most artists’ oeuvres. Traditionally they are rare depictions of the state of an artist at a certain point in its life. For Akkermans however, his self is his sole subject. Already certain of his subject, Akkerman is free to focus on his technique. Almost methodically he recreates the image of himself using the wealth of painterly techniques made available through the whole of arts’ history. Ranging in style from hyperrealism to abstraction and the intentionally naïve, his portraits display as much of himself as they do of art itself. The ageing of man and art are combined into a philosophical collage of forms.

Van een gek voor een gek

Philip Akkerman (1957, NL)