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About Reflex Amsterdam

Reflex Amsterdam represents over 30 contemporary artists. Next to this, the gallery has long-standing expertise in sourcing works in both primary and secondary markets.

Alongside its six annual exhibitions, the gallery is specialized in producing books, prints, and exclusive limited editions in close collaboration with its artists.

Group show by artists of the gallery, a.o. Harland Miller, Helen Beard, Daniël Firman, until end of Sept.

Solo exhibition ‘All Things Considered’, 2 Oct-15 Dec

Quotidian objects are draped in vibrant colours on Michael Craig-Martin’s paintings. High heels, blenders, shirts, and caps become sculptural as they are depicted in bold outlines. The dazzling colour planes contrast the minimalism of the line, sharply demarcating one colour plane from the other. Craig-Martin’s vigorous draftsmanship render the familiar iconic by his audacious minimalism.

In celebration of Craig-Martin’s 80th birthday Reflex Amsterdam is thrilled to announce the artist’s first solo exhibition in The Netherlands. The artist traversed several mediums but made the shift to painting in the 1990s. ‘All Things Considered’encompasses a curated selection of paintings from the last six years up to the most recent works, depicting complex compositions with a bowling ball and fragments of classical instruments, among several others. The precise, exacting outlines are produced by carefully layering tape and paint, while the colour choices result from his artistic acumen. All paintings are made with acrylic on aluminium in Craig-Martin’s dynamic hallmark style. 

All Things Considered

Michael Craig-Martin