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About P/////AKT
P/////AKT is a non-profit exhibition space for contemporary art that organizes and facilitates large scale solo presentations through which the audience gets the opportunity to gain insight in the thinking space of the artists.

P/////AKT provides a platform for exceptional, emerging artistic talents, who distinguish themselves through their unique and authentic language and who are capable of giving a different view on the current way of thinking. They are stimulated to work out new developments and are given the opportunity to present their work to a relevant audience. Furthermore, P/////AKT always asks the artists to produce new work that relates to the specific nature and dimensions of the given space and to present their own mental space as an overall presentation within the given context.

Exhibition ‘Am I an Object part III, by June Crespo 11 Sept-24 Oct

June Crespo is conducting research with a particular focus on the relationship between the body and its representation. (…) The starting point is a shape that can be traced back to the body, but the investigation leads in different directions, constructing forms that allude to other things as well (…) a sensual analysis of contemporary models of representation, commenting on the actual and symbolical dynamics enveloping the body. Crespo’s interest in the concrete and corporeal conditions of the object/body, as well as in the immaterial contexts where it circulates and shifts—as seen in her recurring interest in figures such as conductors and vessels—questioning contemporary life’s composite configuration made out of material and discursive dynamics. In a moment in which visual culture is dominated by stylized and hyper-perfect portraits, the work challenges homogenous approaches to the corporeal, proposing dissident images that liberate our gaze and our bodies themselves.*As Crespo likes to work quite intuitively her approach for the project at P/////AKT has been decidedly open – just two molds and a mental baggage of older unexecuted ideas to experiment with. And as other materials (large blocks of Styrofoam, textiles, resin, flowers) have started to arrive at the space since her own arrival early August, things are still very much in progress. Or rather, in a process that is based on, and executed as, an investigation towards a state of transformation or in-betweenness. A space and an artist working inside it, molding and casting, fluids solidifying into objects with an outside and an inside, things that are hard and things that are stretchy, the body and the object, the subject and the object, the chicken and the egg. The answer to the question of what is leading can, for the time being, only be answered by trying to find the right tension and watching things transform into a state of ambiguity.

*João Laia (curator), John Colpans + June Crespo, P420, Bologna, 2018.

Am I an Object, part III

June Crespo