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‘On The Inside’ is a platform for contemporary art in Amsterdam.  It is based at the NDSM wharf, just 10 minutes from Central Station via the free ferry.

It is a spacious venue with abundant height and natural daylight entering through the roof. Hence, it serves both as a site for large scale contemporary artworks and multi-media installations as well as a location for more intimate exhibitions with natural, filtered daylight revealing visually subtle works.

‘On The Inside’ is founded by Annemarie Galani and Henk Stallinga and is primarily an artist-driven exhibition-space. It features curated exhibitions that are programmed by ‘On The Inside’ and its rotating advisory board.

Permanent Artworks at On The Inside

‘On The Inside’ is an art space that holds no permanent art collection. There are however two artworks permanently on view:

The mural, a poetry painting by Tim Ayres, is painted on the entire façade of the building. Ayres’ painting spells ‘Fruit falls with its flesh on the inside’.  The last three words of the painting ‘on the inside’ are on the front of the building and above the entrance of project space ‘On The Inside’- hence the name of the venue.

The second permanent work is titled ‘Constellations’ and is on view inside the space. ‘Constellations’ is a light sculpture by Henk Stallinga.