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Framer Framed

Framer Framed is a platform for contemporary art, visual culture, and critical theory & practice. Each year the organisation presents a variety of exhibitions in collaboration with both emerging and established international curators and artists. An extensive public program is organised alongside these exhibitions in order to shed light on the topics concerned, and provide a wide range of perspectives. With this common space for dialogue, Framer Framed aims to show a plurality of voices in a globalized society.

Exhibition: Court for Intergenerational Climate Crimes, 25 Sep –
16 Jan 2021

The Court for Intergenerational Climate Crimes (CICC) is a collaboration between Indian academic, writer, lawyer and activist Radha D’Souza and Dutch artist Jonas Staal, produced by Framer Framed. The project consists of a large-scale installation in the form of a tribunal that prosecutes intergenerational climate crimes. The inauguration of the tribunal will take place on 24 September 2021. From 28-31 October, the CICC will hold hearings against Unilever, ING, Airbus and the Dutch State.

Court for Intergenerational Climate Crimes

Radha D'Souza and Jonas Staal