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Inge Meijer, Car Garden 1, 2021, Ilford gold fibre silk, framed with museum glass, 40 x 60 cm

About Akinci

AKINCI has a large focus on new developments in contemporary art and is explicitly engaged with artists who incorporate socio-political, ecological and gender questions into their work. Our programme is defined by a diversity of media as well as cross-overs between sound, architecture, painting, sculpture, film and installation. Since 1988 AKINCI’s mission is to be a career-building platform as well as a solid base for the artists we represent. The gallery grew with the artists who joined us in the founding years and carries growth further together with young generations.

Exhibition ‘Nothing is Something to be Seen‘, 3 Sept-30 Oct

Nothing is Something to be Seen, Inge Meijer’s second solo exhibition, presents work emerging from a variety of fascinations that converge in the spaces of AKINCI. The title is a remnant of a sentence from artist Walid Raad that resonated with Meijer long after.

Why are some things nothing and others something? How can you begin to see something that is nothing?
In Nothing is Something to be Seen, Inge Meijer searches for moments and impressions that make invisible
forces visible. In her work Car Garden (2021), she blends her car into its surroundings by covering it with
as many plants as possible.

Inge Meijer was inspired by the work of Duván Antonio Ramírez, a plant breeder in Medellín, Colombia,
who uses the exterior of his car to transport his plants. Meijer: “Cars are such functional objects, you see
them everywhere and they take up a lot of space. Since I’ve known Ramirez’s work, I see cars covered with
plants everywhere. This became a starting point for new work”. From here she worked with the Green
Group volunteers of ‘the Tropical Greenhouse’ in Friesland, where she was artist in residence this summer
in art house SYB.

Nothing is Something to be Seen

Inge Meijer

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