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Special Editions

Amsterdam Art is pleased to announce the release of a second series of Special Editions. During the Amsterdam Art Week, the participating galleries will present a limited edition artwork with prices ranging between €300 and €500. The Special Editions are on show individually in the galleries and together they form a collective exhibition throughout the city. All editions can be found on the website of the Amsterdam Art Week and can be purchased through the respective galleries.

The artists participating in the Special Editions were asked to create a new work inspired by the theme Metamorphosis, as conceived by Nina Folkersma, curator and director of Amsterdam Art.

Shape-shifting has captured the imagination of artists for centuries: From Ovid’s Metamorphoses, in which the young god Narcissus transforms into a flower, and Kafka’s Die Verwandlung about a man who wakes up as a beetle, to the surrealist works of Leonora Carrington that are populated by magical, hybrid creatures, half man-half horse. The transformation of forms, materials, bodies, ideas and substances is among the essential features of art.

In biology, the term ‘metamorphosis’ describes the change in different stages of certain living beings, such as frogs or butterflies, which develop from a larva to a fully formed organism. In the transformation process, the original gestalt morphs into a completely new identity.

The theme of Metamorphosis also points to the transitional phase in which we currently find ourselves: an uncertain interim between a pre- and post-corona world. How will we re-emerge after this transition period? Will we emerge as ecologically conscious human-animals with a heightened sense of solidarity? Or have we instead mutated into blunted zombies?

Metamorphosis is about leaving behind (or even destroying) old forms of existence and awakening new ones. It emphasises the specific role of transfiguration as a creative principle in each individual artwork.

  • Mai van Oers - Galerie Fleur & Wouter
  • Little Red Riding Hood

  • 2020, work on paper, 20×21 cm
  • 500,00 EUR, incl frame
  • unique piece
  • Bertien van Manen - Annet Gelink Gallery
  • Nathan, Cumberland Kentucky

  • 1997, Inkjet print on Fine Art Paper, 30×42 cm
  • 475,00 EUR, excl frame
  • Edition of 25
  • PolukVanBekkum - Galerie dudokdegroot
  • Walking the Machine

  • 2021, Photo , 20×38 cm
  • 375 EUR, incl frame
  • photo on aluminium
  • Folkert de Jong - Galerie Fons Welters
  • Alive

  • 2021, Epoxy, 25x15×2 cm
  • 350 EUR,
  • Unique piece
  • Charles Avery - GRIMM
  • Untitled (Cyclism)

  • 2010, Lithograph on paper, 33×22
  • GBP 400,00 ex taxes and shipping EUR, excl frame
  • Edition of 100
  • Marjolein Witte - Josilda da Conceição Gallery
  • Extract

  • 2021, Wall sculpture , various sizes×
  • 350-500 EUR, excl frame
  • Series of 5
  • Harm van den Dorpel - Upstream Gallery
  • Mutant Garden Seeder NFT

  • 2021, NFT, tokenized software edition, mutating over time (ERC721), variable×
  • 350 excl VAT EUR,
  • Edition of 512 (all unique)
  • Boukje Janssen - Van Zijll Langhout / Contemporary Art
  • Reversion

  • 2008, Blind embossing, 30×40 cm
  • 400 incl. VAT EUR, incl frame
  • Edition of 6
  • Sanne Maloe Slecht - Galerie Bart
  • Play Doh’s Cave 1-5

  • 2021, Mixed media on paper, 21×14,8 cm
  • 250 incl VAT EUR, excl frame
  • Special edition of 5 unique drawings
  • Robbert Weide - Galerie Martin van Zomeren
  • De Noppenfolie Series

  • 2021, Mixed media, 50×50 cm
  • tba EUR, excl frame
  • An ongoing series of unique embroideries on bubble wrap
  • Elsa Tomkowiak - The Merchant House
  • Le petit drapé

  • 2021, Dry print, 60×40
  • 300 excl VAT EUR, excl frame
  • Print run 21
  • Monty Richthofen - TORCH
  • Monty Richthofen – Between Empty Fields

  • 2021, Riso print with handwriting in charcoal, 30×42
  • 300 EUR, excl frame
  • Edition of 20 UNIQUE prints